CEREC Dental Crowns

Same day crowns with CEREC technology.

Crowns restore your smile, preserve the integrity of your mouth’s structure, and help you maintain great oral health. They are an important part of many restoration treatments including dental implants, root canals, or simply covering and strengthening teeth damaged by trauma or decay.

With advanced CEREC technology, our dentists can create strong, beautiful dental crowns in just one day. And this technology is available at your local dental office in the Greater Nashville area.

How We Can Help

Dental crowns in one visit with CEREC technology.

With traditional dental crowns, treatment takes several weeks and includes preparing the teeth, installing a temporary crown, creating the permanent crown at a dental lab, and fitting it to your mouth.

Our patients benefit from advanced CEREC technology and can get restorations in one visit.

CEREC uses 3D imaging to map your teeth and advanced fabrication technology to create a replacement that is custom-made for your mouth. The process is efficient and in many ways more comfortable than traditional methods.

Find out how CEREC can be used to replace defective teeth and improve the strength and beauty of your smile from your local dentist in the Greater Nashville area.

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