Reverse the effects of time with Botox.

In creating the smile of your dreams, don’t overlook the anatomy of your mouth and appearance of your skin. There are several dental and cosmetic applications of Botox that will compliment your beautiful smile and improve your appearance. And they are available at a dental office near you in the Greater Nashville area.

Talk to one of our specially trained dentists about the use of Botox to enhance the beauty of your face.

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Botox provides a non-surgical solution to anti-aging.

Botox is an injection of highly purified botulinum toxin A. It temporarily relaxes and reduces muscle activity smoothing wrinkles and giving your face a fresher, more youthful look.

Dentists are highly trained in the musculature and anatomy of the face and can recommend Botox treatments to address both cosmetic or dental concerns such as gummy smiles.

With Botox there is minimal recovery time and you can immediately resume your day-to-day activities. It takes about to two to seven days to see the final results of your treatment and the effects last for about four to six months.

If you are interested in improving your smile or erasing years from your appearance talk to one of our trained dentists in the Greater Nashville area.

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